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Saturday, 17.–31.12.

Saturday, 17.12.               18.00-21.00: VIDEO ANIMATION everyday on the Modrijan bookstore facade.

18.00: Anima opening with Modrijan bookstore; small presents from Santa and his elves   Cankarjev trg

Saturday, 17.12.               21.00: 1. WILDROCK           

“Knights of rock” from Wildenlack castle (Wild Loka castle) bring musical gifts in the form of wild and excellent WildRock Performing: THE WET, ATTIC MIST, STILL STRANGERS  

A part of the money from entrance fees will be donated to Soki’s (Elvis Jackson) project for new musical instruments on the Škofja Loka-mesto primary school. Entrance fee: 5€  Loški pub

Wednesday, 21.12.         20.00: travelogue FILM AFRICA (Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe), Rok Kofol, ShaPPa

Cinematic journey by jeeps across pristine nature, among the Himb and Busman tribes, through safaris, deserts, to the Okavango river delta and the Victoria waterfalls. We’ll fly planes and choppers, raft down the most dangerous river in the world, do the bungee jump, walk with lions, pet cheetahs and much more. Such a journey brings a new adventure every day! Free entrance Sokolski dom

Thursday, 22.12.              20.00: “GAJAŠ, ARESTANT” (“GAJAŠ THE PRISONER”),

Rooster’s breakfast (Petelinji zajtrk) continues…  Dramatical narration, featuring Vlado Novak

Who doesn’t know Pišti Gajaš, the legendary mechanic from Lainšček’s novel Petelinji zajtrk, so authentically portrayed in the movie version by Vlado Novak. But no one knows what happened to the popular character after he took the gun that fateful morning, aimed it at his colleague and pulled the trigger. In this monodrama, the actor Vlado Novak recreated the character in a way that leaves no one cold. His unique portrayal is filled with laughter and tears and speaks about the times we live in. Entrance fee: 7€       Sokolski dom

Friday, 23.12.     17.00: Animated movie workshop for children; sign up in Tourist association Škofja Loka Sokolski dom

18.00: Slovene animated movies, free entrance  Kino Sora

17.00-22.00: Christmas LUFT (Loka's arts and crafts market) and »royal feast« on the Škofja Loka castle            

18.45: SANTA VISITS Cankar square  Cankarjev trg

20.00: LAS CUERDAS concert, free entrance

Las Curedas is a South American band, whose members live and create in Slovenia. Pablo, a band member from Argentina, claims their concerts are always full of good vibes and amazing energy. They play latino rock, which is a mix of several genres – from jazz and latino music to reggae and spanish rock.


22.00: X-RAY rock concert, after party, free entrance  Loški pub

Saturday, 24.12.               9.00-13.00: CHRISTMAS MARKET    

11.00: puppet show: OLD LADY WINTER, Bičikleta theatre             Cankarjev trg

Wednesday, 28.12.         20.00: JURE IVANUŠIČ & TRIO concert

This event could be described as a combination of a musical and a theatrical event, because it involves various genres – from chanson and cabaret to original songs and the covers of Brel, Bresser and Ferre, satisfying all music gourmets and admirers of lively interpretation. Trio: Vehar, Peršl, Jukič. Entrance fee: 10€. Sokolski dom

Thursday, 29.12.              16.30: free cinema for children: »Louis & Luca and the Snow Machine« Kino Sora

18.00: FATHER WINTER and children's Christmas wishes Mestni trg

20.00: WHAT DA FUNK concert

What da Funk will take us back in time with old disco-funk hits, filling the old town square with '70s and '80s disco vibes and turning it into a dance floor. We will hear hits from Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, Gloria Estefan, Earth Wind & Fire, Donna Summer and many others. Free entrance. Mestni trg

Friday, 30.12.     20.00: OMAR NABER & BAND concert

Omar has proved once and again that his song writing is exquisite. He performs a wide spectre of genres, ranging from swing-jazz to hard rock, but what he enjoys most are the classic pop rock songs. He will present a part of his repertoire on Mestni trg, accompanied by his always outstanding band. Free entrance. Mestni trg

Saturday, 31.12.               22.00: NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY WITH HOZENTREGERJI,

 The New Year's Eve party, full of evergreens, Slovenian and Dalmatian songs and Oberkariner music, will entertain all generations. Hozentregerji will serve a rich variety of well-known melodies, which will sway you gently into the beginning of the New Year. Free entrance.  Mestni trg

Info, tickets and organisation: Tourist association Škofja Loka, Mestni trg 7,

4220 Škofja Loka,, fb, tel.: 04/512-02-68



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